ZenMate VPN for Firefox

Extension that attaches a VPN to the popular browser


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  • Category Encryption
  • Program license Free
  • Version 5.4.8
  • Size 1.31 MB
  • Works under: Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by ZenMate

A proxy switcher add-on that will work for both Firefox and Chrome, the advantage of ZenMate is that it does not require knowledge of proxy switching, and you can encrypt and route how you surf the web through a proxy. Even while in a different country, it becomes possible. For those who use the public WiFi networks, web surfing with a proxy adds to your privacy, and it lets you get past the Geo-restrictions that you have in some countries. For example, some countries have blocked Hulu and other video sites, and with Zenmate, you can view the content that certain regions may have blocked.

ZenMate places a high priority on both speed and privacy. Speed has sometimes become a problem for those who use a VPN, but ZenMate has surprisingly fast speeds because your data has been compressed. Nevertheless, keep in mind that a search through videos can be slower, but that fact gets offset because it gives you access to the entertainment that you have in the US. In regards to privacy, ZenMate does a decent job, but its claim to take privacy issues seriously does still require a little caution. There are no guarantees with a VPN.

To set up ZenMate, you have to reveal your email address to activate it. Outside that, ZenMate has a simple setup, and you do not need to sign up or enter an activation code. The questionable practice about ZenMate is why a company that claims you have complete anonymity requires that you show an email address. If you want real privacy, there are probably better VPNs out there, like Hola Unblocker. At the top-right corner of ZenMate, you have Chrome, and this will turn green when you are protected. If you want to manage it, just look for the green shield. The advantage of ZenMate is that you can switch between countries quite easily. Because it is by default, the internet traffic will be routed through Switzerland, but you can still change this to Hong Kong, UK, Germany or the US.

Another advantage of a proxy that should be pointed out is how it can save you extra money on plane tickets. For example, you might see a $900 plane ticket while logged into the US. However, when you log into a server in Nicaragua, that plane ticket drops to just $200. Ticket prices are a valuable reason to look around at what is offered. Unfortunately, ZenMate does not support many countries with its proxy, but as time unfolds, it is possible that more countries will be added to the list. As an excellent proxy switcher, ZenMate is one of the better proxy add-ons, but if you want another alternative, you could also choose Hola Unblocker.


  • Lets You Switch Countries to View Your Favorite Content
  • Fast Speeds Compared to Some of the Other Proxies on the Market
  • Get Cheaper Prices on Plane Tickets


  • You Have to Reveal Your Email Address
  • Not Many Different countries to Choose From
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